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National Board's Training Mission
The mission of National Board training is to provide quality course development and instruction of training by qualified individuals to those people, who, either as a requirement of their profession or other interest, are involved with inspection, construction, installation, maintenance, repair and alteration of pressure equipment in an effort to reduce the risk of life thereby assuring public safety.

Benefits of National Board Training
The National Board is the world leader in pressure equipment training.

Each year, its training program hosts hundreds of boiler and pressure equipment professionals from the United States and dozens of countries including:  Japan, China, India, Hungary, Germany, France, England, Greece, South America, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, and Italy.

These journeymen have one thing in common: to include National Board training on their résumés.

Every person attending National Board training sessions is taught by a faculty of outstanding professionals featuring not only National Board technical staff, but outside instructors with numerous years of experience in all phases of boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing, operation, maintenance, repair, and alteration. Among these instructors are former chief inspectors, former insurance company officials, design engineers, and licensed operators: all comprising a faculty unrivaled in the boiler and pressure vessel industry.

What makes these courses unique is the proximity and daily access to National Board technical staff, many of whom have their offices right on the beautiful Columbus, Ohio training campus. Unlike many schools relying on textbook instruction, National Board students take an active, hands-on approach to learning. Class sizes are limited, thus resulting in more interaction and individualized attention for each pupil. Only the very latest equipment and instructional aides are employed.

Students ranging from entry-level professionals to company presidents attend structured classes significantly more comprehensive than courses offered elsewhere. They are also expected to complete homework assignments and, for many courses, pass a written exam.

Those who have taken technical classes in the past know quality of instructional materials is critical to a student’s full understanding of course subjects. National Board instructional publications are unique in that each is customized to a specific course and continually updated to reflect latest technology and techniques. All are included as part of the course fee.

Another impressive benefit of National Board training is the cost. Competitively priced, there are no better boiler and pressure vessel training courses offering more quality and value.

Perhaps the most meaningful advantage of National Board training is its credibility and reputation as a third party evolving from the regulation and enforcement side of the boiler and pressure vessel industry.

There are no middlemen on the National Board faculty. Students learn from professionals actively involved with codes and standards development – individuals on the front line of pressure equipment technology and safety every day!

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