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Summer 2019 BULLETIN Preview

Print Date: 7/24/2024 8:17:14 PM

Coming in the Summer BULLETIN

"Celebrating a 100-Year Partnership: The National Board and ASME
An Interview with Executive Directors David Douin and Thomas Costabile"

This year, the National Board is celebrating its 100-year anniversary. Since the National Board’s founding in 1919, ASME has been a valuable and substantial partner in promoting and maintaining uniformity and safety within the boiler and pressure vessel industry.

The BULLETIN interviewed National Board Executive Director David Douin and ASME Executive Director Thomas Costabile on the two organization’s lasting partnership. They discuss the history and significance of that relationship and the challenges that it will face in the future.

The following is an excerpt from the interview:

Mr. Douin, what has the relationship with ASME meant to the National Board?

Douin: Celebrating our 100-year anniversary this year has allowed us to pause and reflect on the great partnership we’ve shared with ASME. All along, the National Board and ASME have played complimentary roles. It’s been a highly effective partnership through the years, and I attribute mutual cooperation and trust as key ingredients to its success.

From the time our organization was established up to the present day, the partnership with ASME has provided an invaluable tool for National Board members, in that our members have access to dedicated partners made up of the best engineers in our industry, along with all of the devoted volunteers, who turn out the best boiler and pressure vessel standards in the world.

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