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New Members

Print Date: 7/24/2024 8:36:36 PM

The National Board Welcomes its Newest Members

Caslav Dinic is the new member representing the province of Ontario. Mr. Dinic attended the University of Belgrade where he received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Throughout the 1990’s, he held various engineering positions, including with Cana-Datum, ISP Filters, and Highland Equipment. In 2000, he joined Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) as a review engineer. Since 2013, he has worked as technical services supervisor with TSSA. Mr. Dinic is also a Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario.

James Dye Jr. is the new member representing the state of Alabama. After serving 20 years in the US Navy, Mr. Dye worked as a deputy inspector with the state of Georgia from 1989 to 1996. For the next ten years, he was an authorized inspector for Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company. In 2006, he began work with Zurich as a risk engineer. In 2012, Mr. Dye joined the Alabama Department of Labor as an inspector. He is currently the chief inspector for this jurisdiction.

Steven Frazier is the new member representing the city of Seattle. From 1985 to 1988, Mr. Frazier served in the US Navy as a boiler technician. His civilian career includes positions as operating and maintenance engineer, and facilities supervisor. In 2016, he became a pressure systems inspector with the city of Seattle before assuming the position of chief. Mr. Frazier is also a member of the Washington State Boiler Inspectors Association.

Patrick Polick is the new member representing the state of Illinois. Mr. Polick served in the US Army from 1990 to 1993, which included Desert Storm combat service. He participated in the Great Lakes Area Boilermakers Apprenticeship at the College of DuPage. Beginning in 1994, he worked for numerous contractors involved in the field construction and repair of boilers and pressure vessels. During that time, he held various positions, including certified journeyman welder, steward, foreman, and superintendent. In 2004, Mr. Polick started working for the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Division of the Illinois State Fire Marshal, eventually becoming chief inspector.