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NBIC Committee Meeting News

Print Date: 5/24/2024 4:45:07 PM

NBIC Main Committee met in San Antonio on January 11.

New Communication Efforts Announced at NBIC Meeting

At the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) meetings January 9 in San Antonio, leaders from The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI) and the NBIC addressed NBIC subgroup members about new efforts to improve communication between the NBIC committees and NBBI members.

Rob Troutt (NBBI Board of Trustees chair and chief of Texas), Gary Scribner (NBBI assistant executive director – technical), George Galanes (NBIC chair), Melissa Wadkinson (NBIC vice chair), and John Burpee (NBBI BOT first vice chair and chief of Maine) jointly addressed NBIC attendees, each sharing support for this initiative.

Troutt emphasized the importance that the NBIC committee members understand the needs of the NBBI membership, and that the membership understand the needs of the committees. To help bridge the gap between both groups, Troutt said starting this year, the NBIC chair and vice chair will be invited to attend the October Members’ Meeting each year to connect with NBBI members and provide NBIC updates. Troutt said he has messaged the NBBI membership urging them to attend NBIC meetings remotely if they cannot attend in person.

Burpee, via remote attendance, shared with NBIC attendees that the comprehensive information found in the NBIC is “critical” for NBBI chiefs and members.

“The NBIC makes it easier for me to do my job and keep my citizenry safe,” he said. “Concise communication between all parties will help make the NBIC a better product for those who develop it and those who use it.”

Wadkinson agreed that improving communication will make the NBIC code better. Galanes added that he supports all efforts for better communication and that such efforts continue to improve the NBIC.

Scribner reminded attendees that NBIC meetings will continue to be offered both in person and remotely (via Microsoft Teams) to give access to all who want to participate. He also gave an update that a new Spanish translation of the 2021 NBIC Part 1, Installation, will be available mid-February, and that a Spanish version of Part 2 Inspection, is in the works – a move that expands the reach of the NBIC into Latin America.

The NBIC committees meet twice a year, in January and July. The next meeting is scheduled for July 15-18 at The Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. For more information about the NBIC, click here.