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Fall BULLETIN Preview

Print Date: 12/11/2023 1:11:25 AM

Fall 2012 Cover Feature

Full Speed Ahead: The National Board Testing Laboratory
2012 is a landmark year for the National Board Testing Laboratory. It marks the 75th anniversary of its existence (in multiple locations) and has been a year of substantial growth and change.
To accommodate a record number of tests in recent years, the lab expanded its facilities by adding a 3,000-square foot addition to the southeast side of the building. More so, new systems have been installed and significant upgrades made to key equipment.
The article highlights three comprehensive facets of the expansion:  the addition of a brand new three-in-one “everyday workhorse” air testing line, the switch to a liquid nitrogen storage and vaporizing system for generating high-pressure air for testing, and a new computer-based data acquisition (DAQ) system installed on each testing console to capture the best data for flow computation and analysis.
Look for the fall 2012 BULLETIN to arrive early October.

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