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Joint Reviews & Supporting Documents

Print Date: 7/24/2024 7:36:32 PM

National Board

Practices for the conduct of National Board joint reviews are outlined in the National Board RTL Training Course.

For National Board joint reviews, useful forms include:

These forms are in PDF format and may be printed for use by a Review Team Leader.


Requirements for the conduct of ASME joint reviews are described in the document, Conduct of Conformity Assessment Activities.

The Guide For ASME Review Teams For Review of Applicants For ASME Certificates Of Authorization  {A,M,PP,S,E,H,HLW,U,UM,U2,U3,PRT, and T} is prepared for the use of ASME Review Teams. 

For ASME BPV joint reviews, a useful document is the BPV Qualification Review Report (QRR)*, which also includes Attendance Sheet, Form QB Summary of Manual Deficiencies and Correction Action**, and Form QC Implementation Deficiency and Corrective Action**. The ASME Feedback on AIA Activities During Surveys & Reviews is completed by the Team Leader using the new link ASME has implemented when the Certificate Holder has fabricated Code items since the last review. Team Leaders will receive an email from ASME with the link to complete the online form. These documents may be printed for use by Review Team Leaders.

For ASME PRD reviews, Team Leaders may download the PRD Qualification Review Report (QRR)* which also includes all the associated forms found on the BPV QRR. 

*NOTE: Both ASME QRR forms linked on this page may not be able to be viewed in some browsers. If you get an error when you click on the form, you can still download or save the form to your computer by clicking the download/save icon in the top right corner of the window. Then you should be able to open it locally from your computer with a standard PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

**NOTE: When completing the QRR by computer, clicking on a Quality System Element as “DFC” or “No” under MANUAL or IMPLEMENTATION, the appropriate Form QB or Form QC will open and be appended to the QRR with the Company information already filled in. In addition, when selecting a 30 day follow-up or to re-review, the Form QC Follow-Up will open with the same conditions as the previous sentence.

Actions to expedite the issuance of certificate(s):

  1. The corporate/mailing address is the address where all future correspondence will be sent. The plant address is the physical location of the office/shop that will appear on the Certificate of Authorization.
  2. The ASME Application for Accreditation should be checked to ensure the information asked for has been provided and is correct.
  3. If there is a change in the company ownership, the company must submit a statement-of-responsibility letter in order to retain the same certificate numbers. If not provided, new certificate numbers will be issued along with new authorized and expiration dates.
  4. A vital aspect of the ASME joint review is ensuring the name(s) on the application, the QRR and the Quality Control System are correct. Anytime the company’s legal name changes, applicants must submit to ASME a new signed Accreditation/Certification Agreement, whether by direct upload to CA Connect or providing the signed agreement to the Team Leader to submit.