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R Stamp

Print Date: 5/23/2022 4:29:09 AM

The National Board offers the Certificate of Authorization and R symbol stamp for the repair and/or alteration of boilers, pressure vessels, and other pressure-retaining items. Requirements are described in NB-415, Accreditation of R Repair Organizations   (en Español).



Organizations seeking a National Board R Certificate of Authorization must complete NB-12, Application for the National Board R Certificate of Authorization and:

  1. have and maintain an inspection agreement with an authorized inspection agency,
  1. have a written quality system that complies with the requirements of the current edition of the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) and includes the expected scope of activities,
  1. have the current edition of all parts of the NBIC. Organizations have the option of using either a printed version or an electronic version, including a subscription from a National Board licensed reseller, to fulfill this requirement; and,
  1. have available a copy of the code of construction appropriate for the intended scope of work.

Prior to issuance of a National Board Certificate of Authorization, the organization and its facilities are subject to an onsite review of its quality system.


Estimated Fees

Certification Fees:

The certificate fee for the R Certificate of Authorization is $660 USD for a three-year period. For new issuances, there will be an additional one-time charge of $75 USD for the loan of the steel R symbol stamp.

Joint Review Fees/Advance Deposit:

The review of an organization’s quality control system for R certification can be performed in conjunction with its ASME review (referred to as a Joint Review), where applicable, or as a standalone review if the organization does not hold an ASME Certificate.

The review may be conducted by a National Board member jurisdiction or by a representative of the National Board, depending upon jurisdictional requirements.

Joint review fees or an advance deposit for the review may be required.  Once an application is received, we will determine who will perform the quality control system review and the associated joint review fees/advance deposit.  We will then send a proforma invoice showing the total amount due.  

Cancellation Fees:

Withdrawal of an application in-process will result in a $330 USD application withdrawal fee.

Shop review cancellations after having been scheduled by the National Board will result in a $360 USD review cancellation fee, plus any loss of incurred expenses.


Organizations holding an R Certificate of Authorization who change ownership, name, location, and/or scopes must submit an NB-397, Certificate of Authorization Revision Request, signed by both a company representative and the Authorized Inspection Agency representative accepting the change(s), along with a copy of their quality control manual cover sheet showing the change(s). There is a fee of $50 USD for a change to a certificate.

The appropriate jurisdiction will be notified, and that jurisdiction may require a joint review of the facilities and quality control manual.

NOTE: If the location, name, and/or scope change is being done at the time of renewal, an NB-397 does not need to be submitted, and the $50 revision fee is not needed. The revision should be noted on the NB-12 application for renewal.

If there are questions on the certification program, please Contact Us (Accreditation)  or email/fax the Accreditation Department.


Payment Options

Payment of the certificate fee, stamp and advance deposit, if applicable, can be made as follows: