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National Board Testing Laboratory

Print Date: 7/24/2024 8:09:17 PM

The principle roles of the laboratory are to:

To verify compliance with a variety of construction standards and specifications, pressure relief device testing is conducted on a regular basis for manufacturers, assemblers, and repair organizations located around the world. The laboratory’s testing methods, procedures, equipment, and personnel meet internationally-recognized standards.

The main area of the National Board Testing Laboratory contains three test systems using steam, nitrogen, and water. Each system features the following:

Steam Air Water
Media Dry Saturated Steam Compressed Nitrogen Ambient Temp. Water
Source Pressure
850 psi
(58 bar)
3,500 psi
(238 bar)
625 psi
(43 bar)
Flow Measurement
Timed Weight Method Sonic Flow Nozzle
Orifice Plate
Orifice Plates
Weight Method
Maximum Stamped Set Pressure 500 psi (34 bar)
4" (DN 100)
Low Medium High 500 psi (34 bar)
4" (DN 100)
580 psi (39 bar)
6" (DN 150)
1,100 psi (75 bar)
4" (DN 100)
2,025 psi (138 bar)
3" (DN 80)**
Maximum Stamped Flow Capacity 12,000 pph
(5,443 Kg/h)
13,000 SCFM
(22,087 m3/h)
15,000 SCFM
(25,485 m3/h)
5,000 SCFM
(8,495 m3/h)
550 gpm
(2,082 L/min)

**Valve orifice diameter must be less than or equal to 1 inch (applies to high pressure air system only)

Data Acquisition

A computer-based acquisition system is available to electronically capture the best data for flow computation and analysis.

For more information regarding the National Board Testing Laboratory, please Contact Us.