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Testing Laboratory Shipping Policy

Print Date: 7/24/2024 7:52:53 PM

Delivery Policy

Our facility is open to receive deliveries from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday through Friday, except all US holidays. All domestic deliveries have no specific recommendations. For all international deliveries, the National Board Laboratory recommends your broker coordinate with Midwest Transatlantic Lines (MTA) to obtain a release from Customs. This is a necessary step for the products to reach the testing laboratory in a timely fashion. Ocean shipments are required to have a copy of the Commercial Invoice and a complete copy of the 10+2 worksheet sent to Alicia Ellis 48 hours prior to your shipment leaving the port.  Air freight only requires a Commercial Invoice to be sent to Alicia Ellis to clear Customs. Lastly, the National Board will not give Power of Attorney to any Company other than our Broker, MTA, to have items released from Customs. If you have questions/concerns or need to send Alicia Ellis correspondence, she can be reached at 614-834-9499 or

Return Shipping Policy

All return shipments, unless otherwise told, are returned to the customer with the National Board paying for shipping and then billed to the customer directly after delivery. All small packages are sent via UPS and domestic freight via ABF. All large exports are handled through our Broker, Midwest Transatlantic Lines (MTA). All return shipping will be sent as previously mentioned unless otherwise specified to the Laboratory Staff prior to or during your testing date. For domestic returns, if you choose to return your product another way, please email with the name of your company, the number of valves, and specific directions on alternative return method. All international returns will be sent back with MTA and no other way. Please note if you send an email with an alternative return shipping method after your testing date, the Laboratory Staff cannot guarantee your alternative return shipping methods will be used.