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National Board Inspection Code, Part 3, Repairs and Alterations

Print Date: 1/18/2017 2:22:48 PM

Presentation Style: Documentary
Continuing Education Qualification: AR
Approximate Time:
 4 hours

National Board Inspection Code, Part 3, is an online course covering Part 3, Repairs and Alterations, of the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC), 2015 Edition.

This course has been prepared for those seeking a broader understanding of NBIC Part 3 as well as individuals wishing to obtain the National Board "AR" endorsement. Completion will assist the student in establishing fundamental knowledge involving repairs and alterations to pressure-retaining items.

Students will become familiar with the different Sections of NBIC Part 3, enabling them to quickly locate appropriate code sections when in the field. Students will need to obtain their own copy of NBIC Part 3 to use as a reference, and to follow along with the course material.

What Is Covered
The course curriculum comprises the following:  

  • Introduction– offers an overview of the National Board and National Board Inspection Code
  • Section 1: General and Administrative Requirements – explains general requirements that apply when performing repairs and alterations to pressure-retaining items
  • Section 2: Welding and Heat Treatment – provides general and specific requirements for welding repairs and alterations 
  • Section 3: Requirements for Repairs and Alterations – discusses materials, replacement parts, and methods used when performing repairs and alterations 
  • Section 4: Examination and Testing – provides requirements and guidelines for performing examinations and tests for repairs and alterations 
  • Section 5: Certification/Documentation and Stamping – discusses the requirements for certification, stamping, and documentation of repairs and alterations to pressure-retaining items. Applicable forms are referenced.

Reference Materials
Each student is required to have the following materials (2015 Edition):

  • National Board Inspection Code, Part 3, Repairs and Alterations 

Note: NBIC Code Books may be ordered through the National Board Web site or by calling 614.888.2463.

Criteria for Successful Completion
As a minimum, for a National Board Certificate of Completion to be issued, students must:

  • actively participate in all online course interactions
  • respond to all knowledge check questions
  • complete the course evaluation survey 

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Who Should Enroll
Performing Repairs


Each module is followed by a knowledge check which provides students with correct answers and references if answered incorrectly.

Students wishing to take the online final exam must first complete this training course, as it is a prerequisite for the exam.

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