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Frequently Asked Questions

Print Date: 7/24/2024 8:50:24 PM

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If you need further assistance, please send an email to

  How does a Certified Individual candidate get their CI number?

First please review our webpage dedicated to Certified Individuals (CI) and the controlling document NB-383, Rules for Certified Individuals, that describe the program requirements.

Once the information above has been reviewed, have your Certified Individual candidate create an account on the National Board Business Center (ONLY IF they do not already have an account). This page can be seen below and the link to create a new account is highlighted in yellow. Contact if you need help accessing an existing Business Center account. Please note that these accounts are different from the National Board's website accounts.

After this, the candidate can register and complete the full course for the desired CI designator. This is done by the candidate logging into their personal Business Center account. From the Education Center tab, hover over Online Training and then click View Catalog. Within the Online Training Catalog, clicking the white triangle next to the row titled "Certified Individual" will show the menus for the desired course with the desired designator.

Once the full course (4 hours) is completed, an application will appear on the Company Administrator account for which your organization’s credential contact has access. If an application does not appear, the employer may not have been added correctly to the candidate’s record. The organization’s credential contact should let us know by emailing with the candidate’s name, email address, and the organization’s name and address, and we will make sure to associate them with the correct location. Once we have done that, we will advise the credential contact that the application now appears.

How does new management access our Company Administrator account to renew/reinstate Certified Individuals and submit applications for new candidates?

Send an email to with the organization’s name and the address as described on your ASME Certificate of Authorization. Also include the name of the previous credential contact, and the name and email address of the new credential contact. Make the subject title of the email - “Credential Contact Change”. We will make the change and send the new credential contact instructions on how to access and reset the Company Administrator account password.

NOTE: We recommend a dedicated credential email box be created for your organization. When individuals retire or are reassigned, access rights to the email box can be changed to new management designees. The advantage is that new managers will have access to the historical communications related to this function. In these cases, Credentials at would just need to be advised of the name of the new administrator for correspondence purposes.

  Where does the Company Administrator find the Credential Applications?

For new Certified Individuals or reinstatement of expired Certified Individuals:

  1. Sign into the National Board Business Center using the Company Administrator's User ID and Password.
  2. Hover over Credential Applications which will generate a pull-down menu.
  3. Click on Credential Applications (third choice down) and that will bring up the screen which shows all eligible applicants. The link to start the application appears to the far right of the name highlighted in blue.

For renewal of active Certified Individuals:

  1. Sign into the National Board Business Center using the Company Administrator's User ID and Password.
  2. Hover over Credential Applications which will generate a pull-down menu.
  3. Click on Certified Individual Renewals. All eligible CI's will appear in green. Click the boxes to the left of each eligible CI's name to renew their credentials.
  Why is our new CI not showing up on our Company Administrator account to start the application?

In most cases, this is due to the CI’s record not being associated with the company. Please email us at with the person’s name, and we will associate them with your company. Their application will then show up on the National Board Business Center.

  How do I access the Education Center to take the appropriate courses I need for my credential?

Go to the National Board Business Center and click Create New Account from the very top right corner (ONLY IF you do not already have an account). Once you’ve created an account, you have access to the Education Center, and you will be able to enroll in the courses you need for your desired credential.

Contact if you need help accessing an existing Business Center account. Please note that these accounts are different from the National Board's website accounts.

  Why can’t I find my application on the Business Center after completing all the required training and testing?

You will not find your application in your individual Business Center account. All applications will be listed under the Company Administrator account for completion and submission by your company's credential contact.