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Pressure Relief Lab

Print Date: 5/26/2024 5:35:34 AM

Part of the NBBI Technical Department, the Pressure Relief Laboratory maintains and promotes programs related to overpressure protection of pressure equipment.

The NBBI Testing Laboratory plays an integral role in this process. The lab is an independent ASME-certified flow lab that tests pressure-relieving devices (PRDs) from valve manufacturers, assemblers, and repair facilities from around the world. Devices are tested to rigorous standards to demonstrate they will provide critical overpressure protection.

The Pressure Relief Laboratory also maintains the following NBBI Capacity Certification programs: NB Mark for newly manufactured PRDs, VR Valve Repair program, and T/O Testing Organization program. NBBI serves as an ASME Designated organization, and Pressure Relief staff perform quality system reviews and audits on PRD manufacturers and assemblers whose devices bear the ASME V, UV, UD, HV and NV designators.

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