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Qualification Requirements

Print Date: 8/20/2018 4:29:44 AM

National Board
To become a National Board Review Team Leader, the candidate must meet the requirements of NB-290, Qualification of National Board Team Leaders and National Board Representatives. A candidate for National Board Review Team Leader must successfully complete the National Board RTL Training Course. Candidates may review NB-343, Body of Knowledge for a description of the type of information and knowledge needed to successfully complete this course. In addition, the candidate must complete NB-294, National Board Team Leader Application for Certification.

To become an ASME Review Team Leader, the candidate must comply with the requirements of ASME’s Standard Qualification Criteria for Designees for Accreditation Programs. A candidate must also complete the following application forms: Exhibit 1, Application Form for ASME Designee, Exhibit 2,Record of Qualification for ASME Designee, and Checklist for the Candidate for Qualification as an ASME Designee.