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NBIC Meeting Remote Access

Print Date: 7/24/2024 8:55:07 PM

July 2020 Meeting - WebEx Update


The NBIC meetings, July 13-16, are scheduled to take place onsite at The Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.  Only committee members and those who are assigned to Task Groups associated with a sepcific committee meeting will be permitted to attend the meetings in person to adhere to the state’s social distancing and gathering capacity protocols.

All guest and visitors can participate remotely via WebEx.


How to Participate Via WebEx

Prior to July 13, anyone interested in joining the meetings through WebEx must email Jonathan Ellis at and indicate which meetings you want to join. He will add your name to the invitation list and provide instructions for joining the meetings.

Committee members who will not be attending in person: please contact Jonathan for WebEx instructions prior to July 13.


Reminder: Final 2021 NBIC Cycle

The July meeting is the final cycle for the 2021 NBIC. The National Board realizes that some committee members may still be under state or company-wide travel restrictions in July and may not be able to attend the meetings in person. To ensure committees have the required quorum to complete all business items for the 2021 cycle, committee members who cannot attend in person are asked to make arrangements to participate remotely through WebX conferencing.



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