Logo and Marks Policy

This policy establishes requirements for the authorization of organizations to use National Board marks or symbols. It applies to National Board programs for authorization to register, authorization to apply the National Board mark on pressure relief devices, authorization for repairs/alterations described in the National Board Inspection Code, and certificates of authorization for owner-user inspection organizations described in the National Board Inspection Code.

The National Board does not "approve," "rate," or "endorse" specific items or activities. Such statements are not permitted. Statements which so indicate have no basis in truth and are in violation of this policy.

An organization authorized to use or apply a National Board mark (such as the R, VR, NR, T/O symbols or NB mark stamp) may use statements in advertising literature that activities "are performed in accordance with the requirements of the National Board," or "meet the requirements of the National Board." Facsimiles of National Board marks may be used in advertising only to show how specified items will carry the symbol. No other statements referring to the National Board are authorized to be used without prior written permission of the National Board.

Once a stamp has been returned to the National Board, the relinquishing company must remove within 30 days all facsimiles of the stamp in all company materials, especially those intended to promote and market company services. These materials include – but are not limited to – websites, social media, brochures, signage, and promotional media such as telephone book advertising, and print/electronic ads.

No organization other than the National Board is authorized to use the National Board logo (which includes the old logo identified as the stylized cloverleaf with the letters NBBI within, and the current logo which is the green and silver rounded rectangle containing "NBBI Since 1919").

For more information on the use of National Board marks, contact the National Board Communications Department at