Authorized Inspection Agencies/Owner-User Inspection Organizations

NBBI administers three accreditation programs for inspection organizations: Authorized Inspection Agencies (AIA), Federal Inspection Agencies (FIA), and Owner-User Inspection Organizations (OUIO). These organizations are authorized to employ National Board Commissioned Inspectors for inservice inspections and/or inspections of repairs and alterations that were performed by NBBI R and NR accredited companies. Accreditation of these inspection organizations involves a thorough evaluation of an organization’s quality system manual to ensure compliance with NBBI’s accreditation requirements.

For new construction, the National Board accepts Authorized Inspection Agencies that have been accredited to ASME’s QAI-1.

For inservice inspection, the National Board accredits Authorized Inspection Agencies, Federal Inspection Agencies (listed under AIAs), and Owner-User Inspection Organizations.