Inspection of Materials

Manufacturers must select and use materials that are appropriate for the intended use. Upon receipt, materials must be examined by the manufacturer for compliance with the requirements of the code material specifications. Authorized Inspectors must verify that only code-acceptable materials are used in the fabrication of pressure vessels.

For pressure vessels, the inspection of plate as described in ASME BPV Code Section VIII, Division 1, Subparagraph UG-93(a)(1) requires the manufacturer to provide the inspector with the Material Test Report (MTR) or Certificate of Compliance (CoC) so the inspector can verify that it represents the material and meets the requirements of the applicable material specification. Not only must all of the material specification requirements be addressed in the MTR or CoC, but the plate identification shown in the MTR or CoC must match the materials supplier’s identification markings on the plate.

For all other product forms, the material is considered to be in compliance with the material specification if marked as required by the material specification.