Out-of-Print ASME Editions

The National Board has a library service designed to assist organizations that use out-of-print editions and addenda of the ASME BPV Code. By agreement with ASME, copies of out-of-print editions of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code are now available from the National Board library.

Of special interest to the inspector is the ability to advise an owner or repair organization on the source for the correct code edition and paragraph of the code of construction of the unit being repaired or altered.

The charge for the first copied page is $27. Each page thereafter will be an additional $1.50. Pricing is based on staff research time. An entire copy of ASME BPV Code Section I, Power Boilers, 1971 Edition is available for $335 plus shipping, and ASME BPV Code Section III, 1952 Steam Locomotives, is available for $90 plus shipping.

To order an out-of-print copy of an ASME BPV Code edition or addendum:

  1. Phone, Fax, or email the National Board technical staff with the request. The phone number is 614.888.8320, and the fax number is 614.431.3208. Email is
  2. A staff member will review the edition and addenda requested for the applicable pages. Once the material is found, he or she will contact the individual to confirm content and number of pages to be copied.
  3. The material will then be sent by email, Fax, or postal mail.