Inspector Guides & Topics of Interest

The Inspector Guides were developed to assist boiler and pressure vessel inspectors by providing consistent and uniform information. The guides are written with the premise that the inspectors using the guides have some previous exposure to the inspection process. The guides are not designed to teach the inexperienced person how to become an inspector.

Boiler and pressure vessel inspectors have many tools at their disposal while performing inspections, and these guides will never replace the traditional inspector tools. The guides should be considered an additional tool in the inspector's possession.

Any tests or procedures should be performed by the boiler or pressure vessel owner or the owner's representative rather than the inspector.

Inspectors must abide by all jurisdictional requirements while performing boiler and pressure vessel inspections, including those that relate to personnel safety. These guides cannot anticipate or provide details for all conditions found while performing inspections. Inspectors should ask about the presence of any hazardous conditions, chemicals, or other materials that may exist in or near the equipment where inspections will be performed. Adequate precautions must be exercised under those circumstances. Inspectors should seek technical guidance from the jurisdictional authority and/or their employer any time there are questions.

NOTE: Listed below are the abbreviations that may be used in the Inspector Guides and Topics of Interest:

  • ASME BPV Code: American Society of Mechanical Engineers Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
  • NBIC: National Board Inspection Code

Inspector Guides:

Topics of Interest: