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   RCI-1 Inquiries

2015 Edition RCI-1 Inquiries


Subject: Use of the National Board Commission

Edition: 2017 and 2015, Part 4, 4-2.1.11 

Question 1(a): In revisions of NB-263, prior to the 2015 Edition, there was a requirement that the Authorized Inspector shall record the National Board Commission Number and Endorsements on manufacturer’s data report only for items registered with the National Board. NB-263, RCI-1, 2015 and 2017 Editions, do not have this requirement. Is this still a requirement?

Reply 1(a): No.
Note: The Inspector’s Commission Number shall be recorded, regardless of whether the item is registered with the National Board or not.

Question 1(b): In revisions of NB-263, prior to the 2015 Edition, it was stated that the Inspector’s National Board Commission number shall be recorded on NBIC Forms R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, NR-1, NVR-1, NB-5, NB-6, NB-7 and NB-136, and may be recorded on other inspection related forms (including electronic inspection reporting) as required or accepted by jurisdictions. NB-263, RCI-1 2015 and 2017 Editions are silent on the subject.

May the Inspector’s Commission number be recorded on inspection related documents meeting NBIC requirements, or as permitted by the jurisdictions?

Reply 1(b): Yes.

Question 1(c): In RCI-1, 2017 Edition, Paragraph states “The Authorized Inspector’s National Board Commission number and endorsement(s) shall be recorded on the Manufacturer’s Data Report.” Is it still a requirement for the Inspector’s endorsement(s) to be recorded on non-nuclear Manufacturer’s Data Reports?

Reply 1(c): No.
Note: The 2019 Edition of NB-263, RCI-1 will be revised appropriately to reflect the response.

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Subject: On-the-Job Training

Edition: 2015, Part 1, Table 2

Question 1(a): Must the eighty hours of training be actually performed at the physical location where fabrication and inspection activities are occurring?

Reply 1(a): Yes

Question 1(b): May training conducted by the inspector’s employer in a classroom environment in the subject of fabrication and inspection be considered “on-the-job training” and count toward the required eighty hours of on-the-job training?

Reply 1(b): No

Question 2: If the “ASME BPVC shop” or “ASME BPV Code shop” does not hold an ASME BPV Certificate of Authorization but performs fabrication and inspection activities according to the ASME BPV Code, Section VIII, Division 1, such as a shop following CSA B51, would on-the-job training in such a location count toward the required eighty hours of on-the-job training?

Reply 2: No

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Subject: Inspector Diary

Edition: 2015, Part 5, 5-3.1(c)

Question: Paragraph 5-3.1(c) requires that entries in the Inspector Diary include the Authorized Inspector’s/Inspector’s signature or initials, the date and the Authorized Inspector’s/Inspector’s National Board Commission number. Is it acceptable, when more than one Authorized Inspector/Inspector makes entries, to record the name of each inspector, their initials, National Board Commission number and any jurisdictional identification on the first page of the Inspector Diary, then each Authorized Inspector/Inspector would record his/her initials and date on each entry in the Inspector Diary?

Reply: Yes, provided there is traceability between the Authorized Inspector/Inspector and the entry in the Inspector Diary, and the process is described in the Authorized Inspection Agency’s Quality Program.

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Subject: Inspector Diary

Edition: 2015, Part 5, 5-3.1

Question: To meet the mandate specified in Part 5 (5-3.1) to include “the requirement that prompted the activity” in the Inspector’s diary, is it permissible to specify either the applicable paragraph number from RCI-1 Part 3, Part 4 or ASME QAI-1 that is specifically related to the inspection activities being performed?

Reply: Yes

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INQUIRY RCI-15-03, Revision 1, September 20, 2016

Subject: Audit of Commissioned Inspector              

Edition: 2015, Part 3, 3-, Part 4, 1.1.3

Question: Would the mandated audit(s) of the “Authorized Inspector”, including an ANI, an ANII, and an ANI(C), specified in Part 4, paragraph 4-1.1.3 fulfill the mandated audit for the “Commissioned Inspector” specified in Part 3, paragraph 3-, if the individual is qualified as both an Authorized Inspector and Commissioned Inspector, and is performing new construction and some level of repair and alteration inspection activities?

Reply: Yes

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Subject: Monitoring Quality Program            

Edition: 2015, Part 3, 3-2.2.2(c), Part 5, 5-4

Question: If a Certificate Holder’s scope and/or quality program is “Repairs and Alterations” only, (no inservice), then would the requirements of Part 3 and Part 5, with respect to monitoring, still apply?

Reply: Yes, both Part 3 and Part 5 apply.

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Subject: Monitoring Quality Program Every 12 Months           

Edition: 2015, Part 3, 3-2.2.2(c), Part 5, 4.2

Question: In Paragraph 3-2.2.2(c), it is required that the Inservice Commissioned Inspector monitor the repair organization’s accepted quality program on a continual basis. Is it also a requirement in Paragraph 5-4.2, that the Authorized Inspector (new construction) monitor the repair organization’s accepted quality program on a continual basis, or at least every twelve months?

Reply: Paragraph 3-2.2.2(c) specifies that monitoring of the repair organization’s quality program by an Inservice Commissioned Inspector shall be performed on a continual basis. Paragraph 5-4.2 specifies that each element should be monitored at least once every 12 months by either an Inspector (Inservice Commission) or an Authorized Inspector (New Construction) as appropriate.

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