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   Continuing Education for Renewal

Continuing Education for Renewal:
Pressure Equipment Inspectors

Which course should I take to renew my credential?

NB-438, National Board Pressure Equipment Inspectors Program, requires each Pressure Equipment Inspector must complete ONE online training course every calendar year appropriate for the scope of certificate, as shown below.

Inservice certificate = ONE online training course
ASME Construction certificate = ONE online training course
Repair qualification = ONE online training course


How do I know which course I should take?

Each course in the online training catalog is tagged with a line indicating if it may be taken for renewal.

For example:


Are there other parameters I need to know when selecting a course to take?

Yes. For renewal purposes you may not take the same online training course two years in a row.

For example:

Inspector Joe took the course Inspection Techniques for Firetube Boilers in 2017 to renew his Inservice certificate.

Inspector Joe may not take Inspection Techniques for Firetube Boilers for renewal in 2018.

HOWEVER, Inspector Joe may retake this course again in 2019 or later for renewal provided a new version of the course is available for enrollment.

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