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Authorized Inspection Agencies

New Construction AIAs
For new construction, an Authorized Inspection Agency is an entity that meets the qualification and definition described in NB-360, National Board Acceptance of Authorized Inspection Agencies (AIA) Accredited by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Authorized Inspection Agencies seeking acceptance by the National Board should:


Inservice Inspection AIAs
For inservice inspection, an Authorized Inspection Agency is either a jurisdiction as defined in the National Board Constitution or an entity that is accredited in accordance with NB-369, Accreditation of Authorized Inspection Agencies (AIA) Performing Inservice Inspection Activities. AIAs seeking accreditation by the National Board should:


Listing of AIAs

For a complete listing of all AIAs, please click HERE.

The AIA list is located within the National Board's Business Center and will open there. The list can be filtered by inspection type, such as New Construction, Inservice and Repair/Alteration, by organization type, and also by company name and location. If searching by US state or Canadian province, use the standard two-letter postal abbreviation.


Federal Inspection Agencies 
A Federal Inspection Agency (FIA) is an entity accredited in accordance with NB-390, Accreditation of Federal Inspection Agencies. Entities seeking accreditation by the National Board should complete NB-463, Application for the National Board Certificate of Accreditation/Acceptance for Authorized Inspection Agencies (AIA), Federal Inspection Agencies (FIA) and Owner Users (OUIO)   (en Español).


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