Electronic Data Transfer (EDT)

What Is EDT?

EDT is the National Board's Electronic Data Transfer System. It is an interactive document management system that both simplifies and expedites the process of registering data reports, conveniently accomplished through the Internet. The entire process is completed electronically with just a few clicks of a button.

EDT Home Page

After a National Board EDT Account has been established, a user simply enters the EDT website to begin the registration process.

Once logged in, users are greeted by their EDT home page which verifies their company name as well as the name of the individual logged into the site.

This page also provides each authorized individual:

  • up-to-date system announcements;
  • a selection of menu options which allows the user to create new data reports, browse reports in various stages of the filing process, as well as several other options;
  • access to your files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; and
  • the capability to meet the log requirements of NB-264, Criteria for ASME Registration for manufacturing organizations, and the requirements of the NBIC for Form Registration Logs for R Certificate Holders.

System Requirements

  • Internet Explorer browser, Google Chrome browser, or Firefox browser. Note that some versions of Firefox do not perform well, and Edge browsers can be problematic as well. Google browsers are the preferred approach.
  • Current computer operating systems are preferred.
  • Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat must be set as the browser's program for viewing PDFs.



Manufacturer's Representative
Creates/Signs a Data Report


Manufacturer Transmits Data Report
to Authorized Inspector of Choice


Authorized Inspector
Reviews/Signs Data Report and
Returns it to Manufacturer


Manufacturer Transmits Data Report
to the National Board


The National Board Receives and
Electronically Files Accepted Data Reports,
Providing Access to the Manufacturer at Any Time

Advantages of Using EDT

Cost Savings

  • There is no need to purchase or update costly software. Just point and click to pull up the latest version, enter your data, and file.
  • Save paper and postage. User costs decline as mailing costs climb.
  • Filing fees have been discounted for electronic filing as compared with filing data reports on paper.

Increased Productivity

  • Each company's required information is automatically inserted each time a data report is created.
  • The use of templates allows the manufacturer to create a series of templates for each product line. Repeated data can be automatically drawn into forms leaving only variable items to be completed. Having many items snap into place when a form is called up through the system saves time, effort, and potential errors.
  • Electronic prompting for required information will eliminate the need for correcting reports due to omitted information.

Access to Data Reports 24/7

  • Manufacturers may retrieve their own data reports (which have been electronically created) any time, day or night, at no charge.
  • Completed data reports can be retrieved in a variety of ways, including National Board number, manufacturer serial number, Canadian Registration number, or drawing number. Documents can also be retrieved by two fields chosen by the manufacturer, e.g., purchase number or work order number.

Access to the Most Up-To-Date Data Report Forms

  • As data report forms are revised, the system's forms will be updated to accommodate the changes and ensure the most up-to-date forms are available when required.

User Support Provided During Normal Business Hours

  • National Board staff is available to assist in any way to make each EDT online experience a positive one.
  • As a manufacturer begins to use the system, one-on-one assistance is provided to each user in order to step them through the process via our Guest Site. This site was developed specifically to allow each user the opportunity to become familiar with the process before using the online system.

Data Report Forms Currently Available

U-1A ..... Manufacturer's Data Report for Pressure Vessels (Section VIII, Div 1)
U-1P ..... Manufacturer's Data Report for Plate Heat Exchangers
U-1 ..... Manufacturer's Data Report for Pressure Vessels
U-2 ..... Manufacturer's Partial Data Report
U-2A ..... Manufacturer's Partial Data Report (Alternative Form)
U-3 ..... Manufacturer's Certificate of Compliance
U-3A ..... Manufacturer's Certificate of Compliance (Alternative Form)
U-3P ..... Manufacturer's Certificate of Compliance for Plate Heat Exchangers Covering Pressure Vessels to be Stamped with the UM Designator [See U-1(j)]
U-4 ..... Manufacturer's Data Report Supplementary Sheet
H-2 ..... Manufacturer's Data Report for All Types of Boilers Except Watertube
and Those Made of Cast Iron (Section IV)
H-3 ..... Manufacturer's Data Report for Watertube Boilers and Economizers
H-4 ..... Manufacturer's Partial Data Report
H-6 ..... Manufacturer's Data Report Supplementary Sheet
HLW-6 ..... Manufacturer's Data Report for Water Heaters or Storage Tanks
HLW-7 ..... Manufacturer's Partial Data Report for Water Heaters and Storage Tanks
K-1 ..... Manufacturer's Data Report for High Pressure Vessels (Section VIII, Div 3)
K-2 ..... Manufacturer's Partial Data for High Pressure Vessels
K-3 ..... Manufacturer's Data Report Supplementary Sheet
P-2 ..... Manufacturer's Data Report for All Types of Boilers Except Watertube and Electric (Section I)
P-3 ..... Manufacturer's Data Report for Watertube Boilers, Superheaters, Waterwalls, and Economizers
P-4 ..... Manufacturer's Partial Data Report
P-6 ..... Manufacturer's Data Report Supplementary Sheet
RP-1 ..... Fabricator's Data Report for Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Pressure Vessels (Class I)
R-1 ..... National Board Report of Repair
R-2 ..... National Board Report of Alteration
RTP-1 ..... Reinforced Thermoset Plastic
A-1 ..... Manufacturer's Data Report for Pressure Vessels (Section VIII, Div 2)
A-2 ..... Manufacturer's Partial Data Report
A-3 ..... Manufacturer's Data Report Supplementary Sheet

For more information, or to register for a National Board EDT account, contact us at