National Board Inspection Code Committee Structure / Committee Members

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A listing of NBIC Main Committee, Subcommittee, and Subgroup members is also shown in the introductory pages in the current edition of NBIC Part 1, NBIC Part 2, NBIC Part 3, and NBIC Part 4.

 Committee Name
NBIC Main Committee
Subcommittee Installation
Subcommittee Inspection
Subcommittee Repairs/Alterations
Subcommittee Pressure Relief Devices
Subgroup Installation
Subgroup Inspection
Subgroup Repairs/Alterations
Subgroup Pressure Relief Devices
Task Group Locomotive Boilers
Task Group Graphite
Task Group Fiber-Reinforced Pressure Vessels
Task Group Historical Boilers
Task Group NR
Task Group Interpretations (Repairs/Alterations)