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   Safety Medal

Past Recipients

 Award  Recipient  Year 
 1st  Samuel F. Harrison, Sr.*  1987
 2nd  Leonard P. Zick  1988
 3rd  Helmut Thielsch  1990
 4th  Wilford L. Garvin  1991
 5th  Guy A. Arlotto  1992
 6th  Donald J. McDonald*  1993
 7th  Charles W. Allison  1994
 8th  Richard E. Jagger  1995
 9th  William E. Brown*  1996
 10th  Charles E. Ford  1997
 11th  Robert J. Cepluch  1998
 12th  Morris L. Snow, Jr.  1999
 13th  Arthur I. Snyder  2000
 14th  Ronald C. Howard  2001
 15th  George Bynog  2003
 16th  Duane R. Gallup*  2005
 17th  Albert J. Justin  2006
 18th  W. D. Doty  2007
 19th  E. A. Steen  2007
 20th  Charles H. Walters*  2008
 21st  Ken K. T. Lau  2009
 22nd  Robert V. Wielgoszinski  2010
 23rd  Domenic Canonico  2012
 24th  Robert Reetz  2013
 25th  George W. Galanes  2014
 26th  June Ling  2015
 27th  Madiha El Mehelmy Kotb  2016
 28th  Richard L. Allison  2018
 29th  C.O. Myers*  2019


*These recipients were awarded posthumously.



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