Chinese Delegation Visits National Board

Delegation Tours Headquarters and Lab


A six-member Chinese delegation visited the National Board on Thursday, April 16. The delegation, which toured the headquarters and lab, comprised five employees from the Shenzhen Institute of Special Equipment Inspection and Test (SISE) and one from the Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision of Shenzhen. SISE inspects and tests high-risk equipment such as boilers and pressure vessels.


National Board Executive Director David Douin says the National Board “welcomed the opportunity to participate in a frank exchange of ideas” and that “talks were most productive in setting the tone for what promises to be a continuing and mutually beneficial association.”


A delegation from the National Board plans to visit SISE this summer.


National Board executives and Chinese delegation tour the Inspection Training Center boiler room. From left to right: Sun Qi, Lin Shuozhong, Xie Changhuan, David Douin, Dick Allison, Zeng Zifeng, Zhuang Xiaoxiong, and Wu Jiquan.