NBIC Coming to Web in January

National Board Signs Agreement with IHS

The National Board has announced the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) will be made accessible on the Internet beginning in January.
First published in 1945, the NBIC has been available in a variety of formats over the past several years. The Internet version will replace the NBIC on CD-ROM, which will be phased out at the beginning of the document’s next three-year cycle in 2011. Both hard copies and flash drives will remain available.
The Web-based NBIC can be ordered through the National Board home page or by accessing the Information Handling Services (IHS) Web site at
“A Web-based National Board Inspection Code has been in demand for a number of years,” comments National Board Executive Director David Douin. “Our new licensing association with IHS will not only allow easy Internet access to the NBIC, it will permit subscribers to obtain the very latest addendum changes as they are posted.”
Mr. Douin adds the agreement between National Board and IHS of Englewood, Colorado, allows the latter to continue distribution of other National Board publications as it has in the past. “Of course,” he emphasizes, “this material will also remain available through the National Board Order Department.”
The executive director explains an official announcement on the Web-based NBIC launch date will be made by the National Board and IHS in December.
An American National Standard, the NBIC provides rules and guidelines for installation, inservice inspection, repair, and alterations of pressure-retaining equipment. It is required in most United States and Canadian jurisdictions.
Unlike previous editions, the current 2007 NBIC is divided into three parts: installation, inspection, and repairs/alterations.