Summer BULLETIN Preview

Summer 2018 BULLETIN Preview

“Cyclic Induced Stress in Boilers” is the featured topic in the summer 2018 BULLETIN.

In the forthcoming issue, three articles address this topic: “Excessive Cyclic Operations in Firetube Boilers: The Cause and Effect of Induced Stress Cycling,” written by National Board senior staff engineer Robert Ferrell; a classic BULLETIN reprint by Geoffrey Halley entitled, “Thermally-Induced Stress Cycling (Thermal Shock) in Firetube Boilers;” and “Anatomy of a Hydronic Boiler Failure,” written by contributor Ray Wohlfarth, president of Fire and Ice Heating and Cooling and author of the book, “Lessons Learned in a Boiler Room.”

Following is an excerpt from Robert Ferrell’s article:

With the present-day emphasis on energy and emissions reduction, my older and less energy-efficient boilers are being replaced with new high-efficiency boilers. In many cases, these boilers are being installed into older systems that are not designed for them. This practice has led to some boiler systems being exposed to cycled on/off or high-temperature/low-temperature operation more frequently, with negative results. Boiler inspectors and owners are discovering the negative impact on boiler waterside integrity due to cyclic induced stress operation.

Other topics in this issue include: Extending Section I Liquid Service Certification to an Existing Section VIII, Division 1, Certified Pressure Relief Valve Design; RCI-1 and the Committee on Qualifications for Inspection; the 87th General Meeting Highlights; VR Program Special Provisions; Calibrations; National Board training and National Board Inspection Code updates, plus more.

Look for the summer edition to arrive beginning in mid-July. To subscribe to the BULLETIN, click here.