Fall 2018 BULLETIN Preview

Boiler & Process Equipment Fuel Switching Projects: 10 Things You Need to Know

Industry expert John R. Puskar penned the cover story for the fall 2018 BULLETIN. His article, “Boiler & Process Equipment Fuel Switching Projects: 10 Things You Need to Address Besides Burners and Gas Piping,” points out key considerations for those involved in a fuel retrofit project.

This article seeks to assist those on their boiler or process oven fuel retrofit journey. Fracking has brought to the world a dramatic increase in fuel conversions due to the proliferation of low cost natural gas. This article concerns mainly issues that are relevant for central plant, field erected, single or multiple fuel burner boilers, although there are important issues that apply to any size or type of process equipment fuel conversion or retrofit.

Mr. Puskar is a professional engineer and president of Prescient Technical Services LLC.

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