Manufacturer & Repair Directory Update


The National Board Manufacturer and Repair Directory
Upgraded For 2020

The online NBBI Manufacturer and Repair Directory was recently upgraded. The link to the directory is still located in the Resources box on the home page, but now it will open in the National Board Business Center, where the directory is updated on a daily basis. The directory’s search function still allows users to search by name, location, and National Board/ASME stamp holders.

“The upgrades to the NBBI Manufacturer and Repair Directory make it more convenient with concise reports downloadable in a variety of formats,” said Joel Amato, National Board Executive Director. “You can now select multiple stamps in the search filters. Under the old directory, you could only select one stamp at a time.”

In addition, the directory can now be cross-referenced with NB-18, Pressure Relief Device Certifications, and it integrates data from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Published online, the directory contains listings of manufacturers of boilers, pressure vessels, or other pressure-retaining items who are authorized to register these items with the National Board; manufacturers of pressure relief devices who have had these items capacity-certified by the National Board; repair organizations holding National Board Certificates of Authorization for use of either the R, VR, or NR stamps; and pressure relief valve testing organizations holding National Board Certificate of Authorization for use of the T/O certification mark.

Visit the Manufacturer and Repair Directory here.