National Board Acquires Boiler

New Equipment for Inspection Training Center

Donated "D" Style Boiler


On Thursday, July 15, the National Board welcomed a new member to its Inspection Training Center (ITC) – a 40,900 pound “D” style boiler.  


The boiler is a watertube design with a MAWP of 250 psi and a maximum designed steaming capacity of 20,000 lb/hr.


In March 2010, National Board learned that the boiler was going to be removed from service at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, because the hospital was constructing a new energy center with new boilers. The boiler was turned over to a demolition contractor for removal. Senior Staff Engineer John Hoh saw an opportunity. Hoh spoke with the contractor and asked if they would consider donating the boiler to the National Board for use in training courses. The contractor agreed.


Removing and transporting the boiler was no small matter. It was rolled out of its old location using special, heavy-duty machinery rollers. Once outside, a forklift – with a lifting capacity of 60,000 pounds –loaded the boiler onto a truck. The boiler was taken to a warehouse close to National Board headquarters where it is being prepared for use as a training aid in the ITC Inspection Room.


This is the second watertube boiler used in training, but as Hoh explains, “This one is much larger and a very good representation of what an inspector may see in an industrial environment while performing inservice inspections.”


The boiler was manufactured in 1974 for installation at the hospital by the Murray Division of The Trane Company in Burlington, Iowa, and remained in use until approximately three weeks ago. It was registered as National Board No. 1 by the manufacturer and served Nationwide Children’s Hospital for 36 years.