NBIC Part 1 Course Now Offered Online

National Board Introduces NBIC Part 1 Online Course

The National Board has announced the launch of its National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) Part 1 online course addressing installation. It is the third NBIC course to debut, joining the online NBIC Part 2 and NBIC Part 3 courses on the National Board training menu.

The NBIC Part 1 online course is designed to provide better comprehension of installation requirements and is specifically intended for those installing boilers, owner/user, and inspectors responsible for initial vessel inspection. The program’s six modules cover installation requirements for power boilers, heating boilers and potable water heaters, pressure vessels, and piping.

The course on NBIC Part 2 covering inspection is designed for operators, inspectors, owner/user, repair organizations – anyone – involved in the inservice inspection process. Among the areas addressed: safety guidelines, types of inspections, failure mechanisms, and various nondestructive examination (NDE) methods.

The NBIC Part 3 program covering repairs and alterations is particularly helpful for those responsible for making repairs and/or alterations, including R stamp holders, manufacturers, commissioned inspectors, and company inspectors. Focus of this course is on NDE, stamping, authorization, design, documentation, alternatives to post-weld heat treatment, repair methods, and alterations (based on allowable stress values).

National Board study programs are prepared by National Board pressure equipment professionals closely involved with the NBIC development process. Learning is accomplished via comprehensive narrative and dynamic visuals to provide students a solid understanding of individual sections comprising the respective part. Students are then asked to read the specific section before completing a multiple choice quiz, the collective scores of which determine NBIC knowledge.

Students not having time to take the study program in one sitting may electronically pause the course as needed and return to the same point to either continue or complete the lesson. A certificate of completion is provided each student at course conclusion.

Those desiring to enroll for any of the NBIC online programs must have a student account. Possession of a printed NBIC copy is strongly suggested as a reference.

Cost of each NBIC online course is $150.00 USD.

Consult the National Board Web site for more information.