2021 Course Dates

The 2021 training calendar has been released!

As we continue to deal with the effects of living through a global pandemic, training will start the new year as it finished the old, with classroom training being conducted virtually.

All classes scheduled through April, with the exception of the Authorized Nuclear Supervisor (NS) class at the end of April, will continue to be held virtually using Zoom. This will include two Repair Inspector classes (January and March), an Inspector Supervisor class in January, two Inservice Inspector Commission classes (February and April), an Authorized Inspector Commission class starting at the end of February, and an Authorized Nuclear Inspector class in March. In addition to the commission and endorsement classes, a Pressure Relief Valve Seminar will be held in January.

Beginning with the NS class scheduled for the end of April, we hope to receive students back on campus. This will include another four Inservice Inspector Commission classes, as well as four more Authorized Inspector Commission classes. The schedule will also include three more Repair Inspector classes, another two Inspector Supervisor classes, one Authorized Nuclear Inspector class, and two Valve Repair seminars.

For a list of class dates, visit the Classroom Training Catalog. It is important to note examinations are not included in the remote training sessions as we cannot administer exams in virtual classes. Information on exams can also be found on the Classroom Training Catalog page.