Welcome to the new NBBI website!


National Board to Launch Redesigned Website

The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI) will begin the new year with a new website. The redesigned website also can be found at a new address: The new website was officially launched January 25.

The National Board’s online home features a modernized design, with better organization and a responsive layout for viewing on small screens.

National Board programs – including NB-18, NB-136, NB-57, RCI-1, and the National Board Inspection Code – as well as jurisdictional contact information, stamps and marks, accreditation and authorization programs, technical articles, and online ordering for the NBIC and other National Board publications are all available 24/7 on the National Board website.

The website sign-in process also has been clarified to direct users to the appropriate login page for either member/jurisdictional authority or online ordering needs ( or training, credentialing, and NBIC committee balloting (National Board Business Center).

Launched in 1996 at the 65th General Meeting in Louisville, the website remains committed to its original goals: providing free access to boiler and pressure vessel safety, technical documents, industry news, and jurisdictional information.