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The winter 2021 BULLETIN cover story celebrates the 30th anniversary of the National Board Pressure Relief Device Testing Laboratory. Senior Staff Engineer Robert Viers writes about the lab’s history and its future.

Following is an excerpt:

As one of the only independent ASME-certified flow laboratories, the National Board Pressure Relief Device Testing Laboratory is the leader in promoting accurate performance measurement of pressure-relieving devices and the development of technical standards.

On average, the lab performs more than 2,500 tests annually, numbering them sequentially followed by an A, W, or S (designating air, water, or steam as the test media).

Over the last three decades, the state-of-the-art National Board PRD Test Lab, located just north of NBBI headquarters, in Columbus, Ohio, has performed more than 53,000 tests. This spring will mark the 30th anniversary test No. 1, which took place May 10, 1991, to qualify the lab’s water test system.

Other articles in this issue include: 2021 Edition of RCI-1, Rules for Commissioned Inspectors Becomes Mandatory July 1, by Senior Staff Engineer Mike Burns ; How Inspectors can Determine if Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing meets ASME Code Requirements, by guest contributor John Arnold; information on the 89th General Meeting, Synopsis, and more.

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