Reformatted RO Seminar Offered

Newly Formatted Boiler & Pressure Vessel (RO) Seminar Offered

National Board Training Department announces the launch of the newly formatted Boiler and Pressure Vessel Repair (RO) Seminar. The program’s first session is offered May 24-26 in Columbus, Ohio. 

The newly-framed seminar guides students through the complete process of performing repairs and/or alterations in accordance with the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) and offers a flexible schedule. Students can opt to attend the full three-day seminar or day one only, depending on their organization’s needs.
Day one covers National Board’s accreditation process in its entirety, including an overview of the NBIC. Detailed information on accreditation includes quality control (QC) programs, QC manuals, and forms and applications. Day one is recommended for organizations preparing to obtain an R Stamp or for those new to the renewal process.
Days two and three continue with step-by-step instruction through the repair process. Instructors guide students through a repair and alteration, beginning with determining the scope of the repair/alteration, and ending with final stamping and proper documentation.
The seminar is ideal for superintendents, QC personnel, welding foremen and engineers, and organizations seeking to obtain an R Stamp. Additional seminars are offered August 23-25 in Columbus, Ohio, and October 4-6 in Seattle, Washington.
For more information about the curriculum, registration, tuition, required materials, hotel accommodations, and more, click here.