October NBBI Members' Meeting News

2021 Members’ Meeting & Chiefs’ Technical Seminars

NBBI members from across North America gathered October 5-7, 2021, at The National Board headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, for the October Members' Meeting and Chiefs' Technical Seminars.

During the three-day event, members heard updates on National Board initiatives, including training and jurisdictional outreach. Members attended two days of technical seminars on topics including overpressure protection of pressure vessels, the National Board Inspection Code, remote inspection considerations and techniques, and more. Members also received hands-on training at the board’s Inspection Training Center, with focus areas including liquid penetrant testing, radiography, magnetic particle testing, welding, and weld inspection techniques.

New members, Kenneth Ravello, City of Los Angeles; Thomas Maher, City of Chicago; and Howard Berny, State of Minnesota, were welcomed by the current NBBI membership. The State of Colorado member, Bob Becker, was also recognized for his outstanding contribution to the National Board.

(L-R) NBBI Board of Trustees Chair Rob Troutt, Kenneth Ravello, Thomas Maher,
Howard Berny & NBBI Executive Director, Joel Amato

(L-R) NBBI Director of Product Development - JRS, Jacques Couvillon,
Bob Becker, & NBBI Director of Operations - JRS, Mark Mooney

Membership Service Awards

Six National Board members were recognized with membership service awards at the Members’ Meeting. Steven Townsend, Province of Prince Edward Island, and Matthew Sansone, State of New York, each received a 10-year membership award. Five-year membership awards were presented to David Stenrose, State of Michigan; Robert Stimson, State of Kansas; Ryan DeLury, Province of Manitoba; and Tommy Granneman, State of Oklahoma.

Awardees received a pin and certificate. Current National Board members are eligible to receive an award upon completion of five years as a member and at the end of every five years thereafter.

The next Members’ Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 3, 2022 at the Marriott New Orleans in New Orleans, Louisiana, during the 90th NBBI General Meeting.

(L-R) NBBI Board of Trustees Chair Rob Troutt, 
Tommy Granneman & NBBI Executive Director, Joel Amato

(L-R) NBBI Board of Trustees Chair Rob Troutt, 
Matthew Sansone & NBBI Executive Director, Joel Amato

(L-R) NBBI Board of Trustees Chair Rob Troutt, 
David Stenrose & NBBI Executive Director, Joel Amato

(L-R) NBBI Board of Trustees Chair Rob Troutt, 
Robert Stimson & NBBI Executive Director, Joel Amato