Patrick Jennings Announced as General Meeting Speaker

Patrick Jennings to Discuss Remote Technology and Digital Logs

The National Board is excited to announce that Legislative Affairs Director for The Hartford Steam Boiler Insurance and Inspection Agency, Patrick Jennings, will be speaking at the 90th General Meeting on Monday, May 2. His presentation is titled Remote Technology and Digital Logs.

Mr. Jennings has worked for HSB for over a decade and currently works for the inservice inspection department, overseeing jurisdictional issues. In total, he has over 35 years of experience with boilers, from small hydronic boilers to large utility units.

Jennings currently participates in several committees, including NBIC Part 1, several ASME Section I subcommittees, ASME CSD-1, and the NFPA 85 subcommittee on single burner boilers. A graduate of North Carolina State University, he has authored 14 technical papers, has one patent, and maintains a National Board Inservice Commission (IS).

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