Coming in the Summer BULLETIN

The summer 2022 BULLETIN cover story introduces The Jurisdictional Reporting System (JRS).

The following is an excerpt:

The National Board is pleased to announce The Jurisdictional Reporting System (JRS), a proprietary product designed to unify and streamline the entire boiler and pressure vessel safety workflow into a single, centralized system.

Since the beginning of National Board registration of boiler and pressure vessel equipment in 1921, NBBI’s mission has remained the same: provide assurance that a pressure-retaining item is constructed in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and that it is inspected by a qualified National Board Commissioned Inspector. The JRS system will enhance and modernize this commitment by completing the lifecycle of data capture for pressure equipment and will serve as an intuitive, birth-to-death tracking system for these devices where all pertinent information resides in one place.

Other articles in this issue include: “ASME Section XIII: Overpressure Protection and the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Industry” by Thomas Beirne; “Introduction to Pilot-Operated Pressure Relief Valves” by Joseph Ball; “National Board Credentials: Supporting Jurisdiction and ASME Activities” by Mike Burns; a Q&A with George Galanes; and more.

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