Hynes and Vescio Announce Retirements

Member Retirements

Ken HynesKen Hynes retired as chief boiler inspector from the Province of Prince Edward Island (PEI) on June 21. Mr. Hynes served in the Canadian Navy from 1960-1965. After returning to PEI he was employed with a local boiler manufacturer. In 1969 he was employed by Maritime Electric, gas turbine insulation in Borden, PEI, and then at the Charlottetown generating plant. From 1975 -1985 he was employed as an instructor with Holland College. He spent the next three years as a commercial diver. In 1988 he was employed with the PEI, Department of Labour, as a boiler inspector. In November of 1993 he became the chief boiler inspector for the Province of PEI and remained in that position for over eighteen years. 
Peter VescioPeter L. Vescio Jr. retired as chief boiler inspector for the New York State Department of Labor on June 30. Mr. Vescio served as a US Navy boiler technician 2nd class from 1971-1975. Between the years 1977-1984 he worked as a stationary engineer with the New York State Department of Mental Hygiene and then the New York State Department of Education. In 1984 he went to the New York Department of Labor as a boiler inspector and became a senior boiler inspector in 1991. He advanced to supervising boiler inspector in 2003 until he assumed the position of chief inspector in 2007.