2012 General Meeting Speaker John P. Swezy Jr.

John P. Swezy Jr. Announced as General Meeting Speaker
John P. Swezy Jr. will address the General Session at the 81st General Meeting in Nashville with a presentation entitled, Establishment of a Federal Inspection Agency at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Mr. Swezy is a mechanical engineer in the fabrication division of the Facilities and Operations Directorate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). He oversees the inservice inspection program to ensure pressure equipment safety for all installed and operating boilers and pressure vessels. Additionally, he provides technical support for various research projects, such as cryogenic vessel designs for particle accelerators; research environment systems; and pressure vessel and piping design and construction supporting US ITER, the American component of the international fusion reactor under construction in France.
Mr. Swezy served in the US Navy and achieved the rank of machinist’s mate chief petty officer. During his 15 ½ years of active duty he served as a submarine nuclear power plant operator and engineering watch supervisor, nuclear repair planner, radiological controls monitor, instructor, and recruit company commander. His civilian career began in 1990 as a National Board Commissioned Inspector with Lumberman’s Mutual Insurance Company (Kemper) in Illinois. He also worked for the Kemper home office technical staff, Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company as a staff technical specialist, and Patch Construction, LLC, as a quality control manager before joining UT Battelle, the prime management contractor for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where he is currently employed. He has been an ASME Codes and Standards Committee Member and participant since 1996 and has served on various committees and subgroups.  
Mr. Swezy is also the founder of Boiler Code Tech, an engineering consulting business that helps manufacturers of pressure equipment achieve compliance with applicable codes and standards in the areas of design, fabrication, and quality control.