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Cook, Zoltowski General Meeting Speakers


Don Cook and Tim Zoltowski Announced as General Session Presenters

Don Cook and Tim Zoltowski will jointly address the General Session at the 81st General Meeting this May in Nashville. The title of their presentation is, Solar Boilers: Evolving Issues with an Evolving Technology.
Mr. Cook is the principal safety engineer for the Pressure Vessel Unit of California’s Department of Industry Relations and oversees one of the largest National Board jurisdictions in North America. He has more than 25 years’ experience in the pressure equipment industry and is an active member of the California Boiler Inspector Association. He possesses A, B, and N endorsements.  
Mr. Zoltowski has managed machinery breakdown engineering services for Zurich over the last seven years and was a recent recipient of the Zurich KAMP Award recognizing leadership in corporate and personal life. Over the last few years he has been involved in the loss prevention consultation efforts for the use of concentrated solar power (CSP) to generate steam.



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