2012 First Quarter Violation Findings

Report of Violation Findings for First Quarter of 2012
The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors has released the Violation Findings First Quarter Report for 2012. The report is based on 53 reports from 32 jurisdictions and covers 147,046 inspections revealing 16,996 violations – a 12% violation rate.
Boiler Controls is the category with the highest number of violations, reporting 5,643. Boiler Piping and Other Systems is second with 5,245 violations.
The Violation Findings Report identifies the number and type of boiler and pressure vessel inspection violations found among participating member jurisdictions. It also indicates problem areas and trends related to boiler and pressure vessel operation, installation, maintenance, and repair. Additionally, it identifies problems prior to adverse conditions occurring. This report serves as an important source of documentation for jurisdictional officials, providing statistical data to support continued funding of inspection programs.
Number of jurisdiction reports this period: 53
Total number of inspections: 147,046
Total number of violations: 16,996
Percent of violations: 12%