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Bailey Retirement Notice

Illinois National Board Member Bennie Bailey Retires
The National Board has announced the retirement earlier this year of Illinois Superintendent of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Bennie F. Bailey.
Mr. Bailey replaced David Douin as superintendent in January 2009 when the latter became National Board executive director. The now-retired Illinois official was elected a National Board member in February 2009.
Mr. Bailey originally tendered his retirement with the state effective December 31, 2011, but agreed to a request by the state fire marshal to continue in the superintendent’s position until a replacement could be found. Clayton C. Novak was recently named to succeed Mr. Bailey as superintendent and was consequently elected a National Board member in May of this year.
A veteran of the US Army (1969-1971), Mr. Bailey earned his bachelor of science in construction management from Southern Illinois University. From 1966 to 1990, he served as a journeyman with Boilermakers Local 363. He joined the state of Illinois Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Division in 1990.
In addition to his role as an Illinois state official, Mr. Bailey is credited with photographing an explosion site that served as a backdrop to a damaged wood sign identifying the rubble as once being the “Boiler Room.” The iconic photo has been published numerous times by the National Board symbolizing boiler room dangers of pressure equipment.
Mr. Bailey held National Board Commission number 11123 with A and B endorsements.



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