Second-Quarter Violation Tracking
Tracking Statistics Released
for Second Quarter 2008

The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors has released its Second-Quarter Report of Violation Findings for 2008. The Violation Tracking Report identifies the number and type of boiler and pressure vessel inspection violations found among participating member jurisdictions.

The Violation Tracking Report indicates problem areas and trends related to boiler and pressure vessel operation, installation, maintenance, and repair. Additionally, it identifies problems prior to adverse conditions occurring. This report can also serve as an important source of documentation for jurisdictional officials, providing statistical data to support the continued funding of inspection programs.

Report of Violation Findings:
Second Quarter 2008

Category Number of Violations Percent of
Total Violations
Boiler Controls 6,639 34
Boiler Piping and Other Systems 4,195 22
Boiler Manufacturing Data Report/Nameplate 347 2
Boiler Components 2,659 14
Pressure-Relieving Devices for Boilers 3,054 16
Pressure Vessels 2,190 11
Repairs and Alterations 169 1

Number of jurisdictional reports: 93
Total number of inspections: 197,249
Total number of violations: 19,253
Percent violations: 10