2013 4th Qtr Violation Report

Report of Violation Findings for Fourth Quarter 2013
The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors has released its Fourth Quarter Report of Violation Findings for 2013.
The data captures problem areas and trends related to boiler and pressure vessel operation, installation, maintenance, and repair; and also identifies problems before unsafe conditions occur.
This report serves as an important source of documentation for jurisdictional officials, providing statistical data to support the continued funding of inspection programs.
 Overall Totals for Each Type of Pressure Equipment 

Type of Pressure Equipment Total Number of Inspections Total Number of Violations Percent of Violations
High Pressure/High Temperature Boilers (S)(M)(E) 16,797  1,047 6.2%
Low Pressure Steam Boilers (H) 11,695 2,176 18.6%
Hot Water Heating/Supply Boilers (H) 67,261 9,121 13.6%
Pressure Vessels (U)(UM) 44,998 1,904 4.2%
Potable Water Heaters (HLW) 11,058 1,091 9.9%
Totals 151,809 15,339 10.1%

Statistics were derived from the third quarter tracking period 10/01/2013 – 12/31/2013.
Number of total jurisdictional reports: 28