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GM Speaker Earl Harlow


Earl Harlow Announced as General Session Presenter

The National Board announces Earl Harlow, professional engineer and mechanical integrity engineer for Sabic Innovative Plastics of Mt. Vernon, Indiana, will address the 83rd General Meeting in Bellevue, Washington. His presentation is entitled, Relief Device Capacity Comparison from the Inspector's View.

Mr. Harlow’s career spans 30 years with experience in the fossil power, nuclear power, aerospace, and petrochemical processing industries. He is a licensed professional engineer in California and Indiana, and also holds a boiler inspector’s commission.

In 1980 he completed his bachelor of science degree in civil engineering at the University of Illinois, and went on to pursue his MBA through post graduate courses at four different universities. He began his career with Babcock and Wilcox performing stress analysis of fossil-powered boiler components.

Mr. Harlow is a member of the Indiana Boiler and Pressure Vessel Rules Board and was a presenter at the 66th and 76th National Board General Meetings.



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