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45,000th Test


National Board Testing Laboratory Completes 45,000th Test

On Thursday, July 20th, test number 45,000 was conducted at the National Board Testing Laboratory in Worthington, Ohio. The 45-thousandth test was assigned to an air/gas service safety relief valve manufactured by Baird Manufacturing of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The valve successfully met all testing requirements.

Tests have been numbered sequentially followed by an A, W, or S (designating air, water, or steam as the test media) since the lab opened at its present location in 1991. Test number 1 was conducted on May 10th, 1991, and was a system qualification test for the then-new laboratory's water test system.

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National Board Testing Lab staff (L-R): Sam Finley, Ryan Ford, Tim Brown, Steve Bowman, Bob Viers



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