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New Online Training Courses


New in National Board Online Training: The Installers Series

The National Board recently debuted the beginning of a new series of online training courses directed at installers of pressure equipment. The intent of this series is to provide a foundation of knowledge about installation requirements to individuals installing pressure equipment. Additionally, installers will be given some background on how and why jurisdictional laws and regulations are in place, and how they affect their responsibilities as an installer.

All courses in this series offer the same first two sessions discussing regulations, nationally recognized codes and standards, and which of these codes are particularly relevant to the installation of pressure equipment. It is in the first sessions when students are encouraged to print out a provided checklist of installation questions. This checklist asks guiding questions which are answered throughout the training, and allows students to make notes as to how to find the answers to those questions prior to beginning an installation.

From there each course delves deeper into the specific requirements for its particular piece of pressure equipment.

The first two courses, which are now available, address the installation requirements for heating boilers and potable water heaters. Four more courses are in development: power boilers, pressure-reducing stations, pressure vessels, and automatically-fired burners.

Tuition for these courses is $100.00 USD. Those interested in enrolling should visit the Education Center on the National Board Business Center at



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