GM Speaker Rob Owen


Rob Owen Announced as General Session Speaker

The National Board is excited to announce Rob Owen of PaR Systems will be presenting at the General Session at the 89th General Meeting in Aurora, Colorado, Monday, May 11, 2020. His presentation is titled, “Chernobyl – the New Safe Confinement and the Main Cranes System.”

Mr. Owen is the Environmental Business Development & Delivery Director for PaR Systems, responsible for all hazardous environment projects, including many applications at US Department of Energy sites for both operations and clean-up; US Department of Defense sites for chemical demilitarization efforts; and nuclear testing and fuel processing operations in Japan and the United Kingdom. 

Mr. Owen served as the project manager for the crane system supplied for the New Safe Confinement at Chernobyl, Ukraine. PaR designed and built the cranes and tool deployment platform for the massive environmental clean-up project at Chernobyl, and for another custom crane system used for spent fuel retrieval at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan. PaR’s Main Cranes System and its role in the long-term Chernobyl cleanup project was featured in the summer 2016 BULLETIN cover story on the New Safe Confinement. Click here to read the feature.

Working in the nuclear field since the early 1980s, Mr. Owen has experience as a nuclear power plant engineer and consultant in operations, regulatory matters, and litigation support. Prior to PaR, he spent a decade at S.A. Robotics, providing business development and project management for the supply of robotic equipment for hazardous environments.

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